Writer's GuidelinesWelcome Writers and Would-Be Writers!

Whether you’re a seasoned writer, or trying to “break into print” your first time, Net Results is looking for your input.

Net Results is North America’s most enduring and effective Church Growth magazine. Founded in 1980 to offer church leaders tested, real-world, how-to articles, we’ve not wavered from our commitment to provide “New Ideas for Church Growth.”

We’re currently looking for articles around 1750 words that reflect innovative ways to do mission and ministry in North America. From “How-To Create a Safe and Sane Nursery” to “Video Tips for Creative Arts Worship Design Teams,” and everything in between, Net Results’ articles cover the gamut of church growth and evangelism topics.

All our articles have four things in common:

  1. Written by practitioners – not theoreticians or academics
  2. They are relevant to the church today
  3. They are practical in the church today
  4. They are written with a How-To slant

Articles we do not accept:

  • Devotionals
  • Theological discourses
  • Theoretical or untested ideas
  • Blatant advertising articles

If you have an idea for an article for Net Results, begin by carefully reading

(1) Our Writer’s Guidelines,
(2) Our Upcoming Themes, and
(3) MOST IMPORTANTLY, a couple copies of the magazine.

Then submit an electronic query to help us help you focus your topic to meet our needs how to write a query.)

If you are unfamiliar with the magazine, you can view two free issues online. Please read the articles carefully to see the kinds of themes and slants we look for.

You can address queries or full manuscripts to: billtb(at)NetResults.org.