Download Net Results Guidelines and Style Sheet Net Results is a bi-monthly magazine dedicated to sharing great ideas for vital ministry among Christian leaders. Our magazine is read by pastors, church volunteers, and Christian organizations across the spectrum of churches and denominations. Our articles will help church leaders do effective ministry … taking their churches deeper in Christ and further in Christ’s mission. Our articles connect with evangelical, mainstream, and independent churches from every culture and context.

Net Results is a print and digital magazine that features how-to and training articles for church leaders (clergy and laity) in the following ministry/mission categories:

  • Evangelism, service, and outreach;
  • Visioning, planning, and trust-building;
  • Leadership and organizational development;
  • Worship, preaching, and hospitality;
  • Christian education, faith formation, and mentoring;
  • Training, teaming, and cooperative partnerships;
  • Property and technology development;
  • Fund raising, financial planning, and stewardship;
  • Communication, marketing, and witness.

Successful articles are straightforward, reality-based, and offer the reader both a glimpse into “what could be” for their church as well as presenting enough information so they could potentially adopt and adapt the idea/s. The best ideas are those the author has actually used successfully.

We look for practical, hands-on ministry ideas that an individual can put into practice. We want your idea to be the one readers photocopy for their small groups, Sunday school classes, and share with other church leaders.


  • Make sure your idea is simple to capture at a glance. Use subheads, bullets, numbered lists, etc.
  • Evaluate for freshness. Fresh approaches tend to come from personal experience. Tell the story of a creative idea that worked in real life.
  • Communicate succinctly and interestingly. Possible formats include Q & A, how to, lists (“Do/Don’t,” “Five Ways to… ,” “Best Books on…”), or case studies.
  • Focus on how to implement the idea, and identify tips and options to customize the process. Identify keys for both leadership development and program development. Give specific, step-by-step instructions for implementing your idea.
  • Succinctly describe the rationale or assumptions on which the idea is based, and define how you measure success.
  • Make your article relevant to all Christian leaders, not just the Senior Pastor.


  • Develop your article as a personal witness or devotional resource;
  • Quote extensively from the ideas of others;
  • Rely on untested opinions or perspectives;
  • Shape your article around judgmental attitudes toward other churches and traditions;
  • Simply advertise a product, program, curriculum, or service that must be obtained or purchased elsewhere.

To get a better feel for the Net Results way, study recent issues to understand and implement our style. The following topics and titles are from successful past articles.

Advertising and Marketing

  • Confessions of a Church Sign Reader
  • Church Advertising Creates Top-of-the-Mind Awareness


  • How to Identify and Reach Receptive People
  • Sharing Your Faith without Losing Your Friends


  • Reflections of a Visitor to a Mega Church
  • Gourmet Coffee in Church


  • Fed Up with Announcements?
  • Keep Worship Alive!


  • Influencing the Influencers
  • Empowering Your Church Staff

Net Results purchases all print and digital rights for articles printed in our magazine.* We will advise the author of our decision to publish the article within six weeks of receipt; provide a contract for the author’s signature; and advise the author when and in which issue the article will appear.

Cartoons Net Results occasionally publishes relevant cartoons and pays $25.

How to Submit an Article to Net Results

Submit articles to Net Results electronically as attachments to submission(at) in Word, OpenOffice Writer, or Rich Text formats.

Manuscripts should be typed using Ariel 10 pitch or Times New Roman 12 pitch.

Manuscripts should be double-spaced.

Please provide 1 ¼ inch space for top and bottom, left and right margins.

On the first page include your name, address, phone number, email address, and word count.

Please use page numbers (bottom centered).

Net Results uses the most current Chicago Manual of Style for most style issues. At least a basic familiarity with this style can be helpful. Please download the Net Results Style List here for details.

We prefer biblical quotes from Today’s New International Version Bible. If you use another version, indicate which version used with each reference.

Out in Front and On the Cover articles should include three to five discussion questions that may be included in the issue’s “Congregational Study Guide.”

We acknowledge the receipt of queries and unsolicited manuscripts immediately. We respond to both fully in four to six weeks. If you have not heard from us in eight weeks, feel free to drop us a note.

Reprints from non-competitive periodicals are accepted. Be sure to indicate complete previous publication information, and include a signed release for publication from any previous publisher on the letterhead of that periodical.

* Permission is granted to the author to reprint their article in non-competing periodicals following publication in Net Results and in competing periodicals twelve months following said publication.