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  • Fresh Paintbrush, Fresh Canvas
  • Only the Paranoid Survive: Mainline Decline Through the Lens of Intel’s Andy Grove
  • Fresh Start or Starting Fresh?
  • The Importance of a Church Membership Process
  • The Parable of the Candy Bar
  • Fresh Start for an Old Friend
  • No Retirement in the Bible
  • The Gospel Isn’t Trivial, But Trivia Carries the Gospel
  • Preparing for Wintery Weather
  • Navigating Uncertainty: A Strategic Approach for Churches in Contemporary Times
  • Can Established Congregations Start Over?
  • Finding a Fresh Start

2014-01 Church Conflict

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Net Results not only cuts across denominational lines, but also has relevance for congregations located at every point on the theological spectrum.Lyle E. Schaller, author and editor of numerous works and one of America's leading church consultants

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